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  • Reading Time

    This value is intended to help readers and authors to understand how much time it will take a typical adult to read a piece of content.

    The platform uses a simple algorithm to predict reading time as follows:

    $$ Reading\ Time = Word\ Count / Words\ per\ Minute $$

    In most calculations, Words per Minute is set to a default value of 300 to match the average reading speed of an adult.

    However, in some calculations, the textual complexity of the content is also taken into consideration as follows:

    $$ Reading\ Time = Word\ Count / (Words\ per\ Minute - FleschKincaid\ Reading\ Ease\ Score) $$

    This adjusts the Words per Minute to a range of 200 (for difficult content) to 300 (for easy content).

    This content is provided to you freely by Ensign College.

    Access it online or download it at https://ensign.edtechbooks.org/userguide/reading_time.